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Bass Foundry: Enter The Foundry 02

Bass Foundry: Enter The Foundry 02

What’s a sweeter sound than a bassline vibrating your innards? Answer; absolutely nothing! MC Karma has always been a wildchild, just that he met his extreme opposite in Shivam Ghai - the two have been running havoc with their brand of bass-friendly tunes under the moniker - Bass Foundry.

Massive basslines, monstrous drops, organized chaos are just some adjectives that have been flying around the interwebs, when I Googled - Bass Foundry. Currently working hard on their new ep, which comprises of four tracks. All four tracks are based on a story-line that revolves around the character - "Atacama." Who turns out is a half human and half alien (a normal 25 year old guy, who discovers his powers when a ship lands again on earth). This is exactly the kind of sweet madness that defines Bass Foundry’s music.

If we thought their two earlier releases - the first they debut single - “Hell Waste” and the first set titled - “Enter The Foundry 01” were sick, think again! The second set that their just dropped is a notch higher in terms of mixing and peppered with what is fast becoming their signature drops and basslines. 


Author: Gary Steele

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