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Artists As Fashion Trendsetters

Artists As Fashion Trendsetters

With a myriad of services at the disposal of artists these days, it has become easy for them to maintain a strong impeccable fashion sense. Their aura is projected as a brand and the entire imaging departments and PR is dedicated in the execution of a USP of your heartthrobs. With this comes an influence- on their fans and all the audiences. History has been a witness to how the crowd has been swayed not just by the music or beats of these artists, but also by their fashion sense.

The Beatles-Mop Hair

The most iconic pop-rockers of all time inspired many trends: collarless suits, the outlandish psychedelic peacock style of their Sgt. Pepper days, Lennon's round wire-frame glasses. But their most revolutionary contribution was the ‘Mop-Top’, those four floppy boyish hairdos—long swooping bangs, hair-covered ears, and shaggy all over. The immense popularity of the Beatles led to worldwide imitation of the cut between 1964 and 1966. It led toy manufacturers to produce "Beatle Wigs". The extremely rebellious style led to arresting of young people who were forced to have their hair cut in police stations.

Bob Marley- M-65 Jackets, Adidas

Until Bob Marley, casual military garb was the purview of dictators and revolutionaries. But the most famous Rastafarianism of all time turned the M-65 jacket on its head, employing its deep front pockets for weed storage, not ammunition, and making it the choice jacket for a generation of pacifist stoners. Bob unassumingly bolstered the Adidas brand, nonchalantly sporting a half dozen of their sneaker models over the course of his career and making tracksuits stylish.

Lady Gaga- The ‘Weird’ pioneer

Gaga is fashion’s latest paragon of the ‘weird’. The telephone hat.The meat dress.The hair bow. The lobster-mask. The lampshade. The bow pony! Bordering on insanity, her style statement is mind-blogging and that gives her the oomph factor. She has dared to go ‘out-there’, like literally! We can hope that people will don her whimsical and capricious panache.

Madonna- Messy Chic

Madonna’s music career and her styling are mismatched entities. Her career has seen topping the charts and her style has been a schizophrenic roller coaster ride through the Hollywood costume closet. Amidst the chaos, though, there were definite highlights—conical bras, wedding dresses, kimonos, gothic makeup to name a few.

Katy Perry

If only people could walk on fashion-forward steps of Katy. Walk, walk, fashion, baby! *Sigh* the riot of colors, the cartoon pin-up, part screen siren, oh, she is the goddess! The offbeat, quirky style has bagged her a closet every girl would drool over and raid for the next girl’s night out.

Taylor Momsen- Preppy School Girl to Grungy Rocker Glam

Gossip Girl’s Jenny went haywire! The transformation in this little girl was indigestible. She rocked micro shorts, raccoon eyes, mile-long legs and the bag of aplomb. The poise, the penchant for suspenders and stripper shoes give a long awaited comeback of rock.

Kanye West

Always pushing the limit! Always bringing something new!If it weren’t for Kanye and his ‘window shade stunnas’! He has easily impacted the hip-hop community and worked closely with top designers.  Always something fresh-Like him or not- he always looks good.