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Artist Of The Week: Gowri Jayakumar

Artist Of The Week: Gowri Jayakumar

Gowri Jayakumar is almost a nomadic artist, born in Trivandrum, brought up in Delhi, finished her studies in Pune, she then shifted to Bangalore for a year to study bass and guitar at Swarnabhoomi Academy and then finally moved to Mumbai.

A certified journalist, she made the switch to music a few years back as a singer-songwriter under the moniker Kozmi Cow, and has since moved on to fronting her own band - Run Pussy Run (now defunct), she also has an electronic project - Pulpy Shilpy - as well.

Kozmi Cow’s music is a mash-up of Indie, folk, country, Jazz, funk and acoustic rock and that showed in her 2012 album - Sad Little Shoebox. Tracks like Coffee before Poo Poo has elements of funk and jazz, whereas tracks like Bangalored is a straight up acoustic song that puts her singer-songwriting skills in the forefront. Run Pussy Run is all about Lyrical Jazz, RnB doused with a big scoop of Satire. Puply Shilpy is still a work in progress and it’ll only be interesting to know what comes off that.

Over the last three years, be it Run Pussy Run, Mama Kitty (Which she describes as a project that is material from "when I’m confused, or things converge”) or Pulpy Shilpy - it’s an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to her perform.

Catch a live and intimate performance of hers at Live at The Library at Kitab Mahal, Mumbai on the 23rd of December.


Author: Mohtashim Hashmi

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