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Arranging Your First Electro Song? Keep This In Mind

Arranging Your First Electro Song? Keep This In Mind

In order to create the music you have in your head, you must keep these simple approaches in mind.

A good observation is where it all starts from. Build your ears to catch all the interesting ideas that you might want to imply in your own songs. The kind of music you want to make also depends on the type of music you listen to on a regular basis.

Be critical of your own work. Do not start bombing your Facebook and SoundCloud account immediately after making your first track. Listen to it multiple times before releasing it for the public. You can also rotate the song among your friends who might be able to provide you with some valuable inputs. 

Experiment with different instruments and sounds to keep your track interesting. The audience loves surprises, but keep it to a limit. Make sure you are not breaking the flow of your song.

You don’t really need to follow the standard conventions of the chorus, bridge and verses, come up with whatever is required for making your music unique and impeccable. You can create miracles when you think out of the box.

Here is a video that shows you how to go forward: