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Ariana Grande and One Love Manchester

Ariana Grande and One Love Manchester

On 4th June, Ariana Grande led a star studded benefit concert called “One Love Manchester”, which is now the most watched TV events of 2017, so far.

The benefit concert aimed to raise money for the victims of the 22nd May terrorist attack on Ariana’s concert.

People lost their loved ones, their friends and many were injured during the attack. Ariana Grande didn’t take a step back but came forward to give her support to the victims and their families. Her tribute concert “One Love Manchester” witnessed a crowd of 50,000 people united for one cause and fighting their fear to stand together as one.

The concert was inevitably emotional, giving a voice to the ones looking for peace. The benefit was supported by some legendary pop stars like  Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Liam Gallagher, Marcus Mumford, Pharrell Williams.

Watch Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande sing “Don’t dream, it’s over”

The concert witnessed some of the celebs coming down to tears with love and compassion for Manchester victims. Ariana even declared that she changed her setlist in tribute to 15 year old bomb victim ‘Olivia’, stating “she would have wanted to hear the hits.” Ariana also sang her hit “Side to side” for which she was scrutinised on the internet because people felt it was inappropriate for the occasion but she still performed it for the 15 year old’s soul.

Ariana Grande has changed the perception of millions by her grand tribute and comforted so many grieving humans, giving them courage and strength with music. She not only raised $10million but gave a voice to a city that will not be silenced now.

All the stars playing at the concert shared their love in their own special way.

Watch these emotionally intense moments here

Ariana’s closing was a rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow”, a tribute to the 22 people killed during the 22nd May attack. Grande’s performance was emotionally overwhelming and she was in tears before she could end the song.

Watch it here 

The masses didn’t see or feel fear, they didn’t feel ignored or lost, their grief stricken souls finally showed a hope to heal. For me, the concert not only assisted the Manchester people but it helped millions of victims fighting against terrorism everyday.

When united, we have a voice that will not be silenced.

Only music bring you such power, such unity, such love. To fight against the terrorists of the world as a nation.