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Annoying Acts One Should Avoid In Concerts

Annoying Acts One Should Avoid In Concerts

Going to rock concerts has always involved dealing with a bunch of unruly people, many of them very drunk – but it seems like lately things have been worse than ever. Attention spans are at an all-time low, and the ubiquity of smartphones has resulted in a huge percentage of the audience at any given show barely paying attention to the action onstage. Here are the 10 most annoying behaviors at rock, or in fact, any concerts.

Taking pictures/selfies the entire time

Ok, we know you want to show off that you went to a concert and you enjoyed a lot. But instead of enjoying the concert, you ended up clicking 58 photos which will land to the trash because you don’t like them now. Dude! There are professional photographers out there, so you don’t need to act like one because you aren’t. Click a picture or two if you want, enjoy and go back home.

Filming everything on your phone

Why do you need to film a concert and see it through the tiny screen of your phone when you have already spent a good amount to buy a ticket and see that thing live. It is irritating for other people also who have come to enjoy the show and you are just blocking their way using your phone.

Requests, requests & requests

Look, I hope that the band will play your favorite song. But they have already prepared a list of what is going to be played tonight and what not. So you better enjoy what they are playing because yelling inside their ears is not going to make any difference. You will probably end with a sore throat.

Pushing others to get to the front

Everybody wants to go at the front. But for that, you need to make an effort. Either go on camping for all night long outside the place to get inside first or come at the earliest. Don’t try to act smart by coming late and pushing others to get to the front. You deserve the backspace only.

The Pukish Guy

It’s fine if you want to drink, but you know how much you can handle. So stick to your limits or else you can always have a drink afterward. Don’t become the one to annoy others. People standing beside you will have to face the consequences too.

Loudly complaining after the show because the band didn’t play your favorite song

I guess you came here to enjoy the concert, not to direct it. Haven’t you heard your favorites enough number of times? Don’t expect that they will play what you want. Enjoy with what they have to offer. Have fun because this was your motive to come to the show, right?