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Alternate Ways To Work As A Comedian

Alternate Ways To Work As A Comedian

When you took the stage and thousands of eyeballs glued to you and ears waiting to hear something funny, the pressure being able to perform is nerve-racking. What if that humour doesn’t perceive in a good notion, what if the dialogue delivery lands downpour of rotten tomatoes and sneakers, your day is over, and so is your dream. With the struggle to pay bills is on a rise and the hope of making both ends meet is fading away; it’s time to put Plan B into action.

Stand-up comedy is a difficult field with little job security. You might be a great comedian today, but nothing ensures that the audience will love you tomorrow or next month. Each performance on stage is different with its interaction with the crowd. Jokes that put the public on the floor one night may not work the next night at the same club. Below listed are some of the jobs that help you feed your passion and appetite.

Video Blog

It's really hard to work in the comedy industry without becoming bored. Especially on the Net, where it's impossible to travel a 10-minute span without running into awful meme being replicated for the thousandth time that week. But, once established, you can literally rip off the world with your puns and words. You can see successful stand-up comedians who have bought the house down; AIB, EIC, Vir Das and many more. They make use of sarcastic and funny puns to deliver either a serious social message or, well, just tickle your bones and your funny gags. All comedy stems from irony, of course.


Movies we see today would have been much less fun without having a bit of comic relief. Be it a dialogue, or an inappropriate fall, these guys does it all. Movies without a bit of laughter are like bland rice; you wouldn’t want to have rice without that spicy gravy, right? 

Corporate Gigs and Shows

What can be more paying than a corporate show? Many famous stand-up comedians procure their gigs at high-end venues that are very well-paying. If you need more visual coaxing, visit Hybrid every Monday for a great comedy evening by Yahavi.

Radio Jocks

RJ or Radio Jockey has been with us for almost an era, but since the arrival of FM channels the Radio Announcer suddenly being referred as Radio Jockey or RJ. These days an RJ not only plays a part of the navigator but his/her primary aim is to treat the listeners and simultaneously provide regular online information. The magic of the art of RJing lies in the ability of the Radio Jock to entertain his audience with his voice alone. It is very challenging, as there is no visual medium to it.