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All in good humour - A comedy of trial and error

All in good humour -  A comedy of trial and error

Yahavi hosted the Open Mic Comedy Gig at Hybrid. The comedians participated in full swing, delivering jokes, telling stories, mocking at the hypocrisy of society to eventually give us an event that took away the stress from our lives. The crowd gathered in huge numbers to give a break to their mundane lives and get involved in the flavor of the evening which promised to serve them with tempting food, drinks & lots of laughter. The formidable combination of the three resulted in an unforgettable experience.

The idea behind hosting the comedy gig at Hybrid was simply to give our audience the time to enjoy the evening with their loved ones. The success of the event, simply proves that more and more people love the idea of attending comedy gigs. Yahavi as a talent discovery platform is doing a great job. It is amazing the kind of reach they have managed to achieve in a span of six months ! – Luv Agarwal, Co-owner , Hybrid.

The venue was a wonderful place to perform; the arrangements made by Yahavi were great for boosting the morale of the artists , said one of the performing artists.


The host & also the fellow comedian of the event, Manish Tyagi kept the spirit of the evening alive with his funny takes on caste stereotypes, sex humour and stories that were thoroughly entertaining to skip any moment of the event. Alongside Manish, the crowd got the chance to hear jokes about many other comedians who also presented us with deep insights about the hypocrisy of society, the current political situations and its fallacies.

The gig was concluded on a light note, leaving the audience exhilarated. The conclusion of this event was followed by the deejay music, photograph sessions & socializing over a drink of beer.

It was a fun evening with some really good stand -up comedians. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions they were having with us especially their spur of the moment witty retorts! – Ekta Singh, Creative Head at Yahavi

Entertaining, Refreshing & Jovial. I simply enjoyed it – Rishi Baruah, Businessman

This is the first comedy gig that I have ever attended. I loved the concept & the idea behind it. It was good to enjoy the show with my friends – Priya Sachdeva, College Student


You can catch the stand up comedians LIVE at Hybrid every Monday, 6:30 PM.