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ACPAD: The Acoustic Machine of the Future

ACPAD: The Acoustic Machine of the Future

ACPAD is the recent launch of the phenomenal Japanese music technology. It is said to be the first wireless MIDI for acoustic guitars and is currently up on Kickstarter for potential buyers.

Let us look into some features of this upcoming device below:

It uses an acoustic guitar and with an amazing interface that allows you to do MIDI changes with pads all over the handle, thus providing you with a profound connection between acoustic and electronic technology.

It comes with an excellent wireless MIDI connection that makes it a perfect performing instrument! You can cooperate this with Ableton Live and use an endless amount of sounds through 2 live looper sets. It comes with very precise triggering and almost none of disturbing latency.

ACPAD is just 2 mm thick and mounts smoothly onto your guitar like a pickguard keeping your acoustic loud and projecting well. The designs are imaginative and futuristic which gives it a complete Tron feeling!

You can check out their video below to get a brief idea about its features!