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Acid Jazz - The Beat Movement of Jazz Music

Acid Jazz - The Beat Movement of Jazz Music

Like all good things, the Acid Jazz also started as an underground movement in the mid-1980’s. When the blues and heavier jamming of jazz were being overthrown by a more rock-inc culture, it propogated and took over the clubs all over London, Japan and States.

It can also be said that it was the first movement of the Jazz scene which started to coincide with an evolving electronic and house type of scene. But for the lack and differences with dance related wave of clubs which came in the 90’s, it started to go out of the mainstream. But since 2000 it has been adapting into new sub-genres such as Nu-jazz, Nu-funk, and Trip Hop.

The most popular acts in the genre include the Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Us3 and Jamiroquai - UK, A Tribe Called Quest, Buckshot LeFonque and Digable Planets from the US. Few other other international artists from Japan did some remarkable work like Mondo Grosso and Gota. While from Eastern Europe came bands such as the Skalpel of Poland.

The future looks filled with Acid Jazz at the time when Deep House is ruling towards heavy grooves and flowing sounds of trumpet's breeze. Many musicians such as N’to from France have been creating some of the grooviest music with a touch of Jazz in the minimal Deep House. The equally flawless bass of techno makes this music of future so eargasmic. 

Vibes of Jazz can also be experienced in Chill House and Ambient Genres. It is very interesting how the electronic scene uses techniques such as offbeat drumming and other typical Jazz instruments. The use of Piano and Trumpets stay as the most Influential Sounds throughout this new unification of Techno and Jazz.