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Ableton Live - All DAW Series.

Ableton Live - All DAW Series.

Ableton Live has gone beyond any comparison within any DAW and the music production software industry. You ask for it, and Live would make it happen.

The new matte grey interface is fast and smooth. You will find two new windows in Ableton 9; one is the arrangement window that you will find with every DAW software, though the mixer view can prove to be a hassle for beginners. The other is the Session window, where you can arrange two or more broken clips of audio in any order within each channel. If you play these clips at the same time, both the clips will quantize ( automatically play on beat with each other).

Other features include the MIDI converter that allows you with three conversion options when you convert a piece of audio to MIDI: Harmony, Melody or Drums.

The compatibility with Ableton Push gives you a fully fledged experience of working within any electronic music genre. From Ambient sounds to Techno Beats, Ableton Live is considered the best music software to go by. The Live mode allows you to play the audio files and their conversion to MIDI forms lets you create something in no time. So, what makes it the first choice is it's increasingly useful interface, its matchless sound quality and the excellent performance modes.