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Aaj Ki Vishesh Tippani!

Aaj Ki Vishesh Tippani!

Here are some simple yet effective drumming tips! Check it out:

1.Paiste (cymbals) is officially pronounced "pie-stee", not pastee, or paystee.

2. Drum Tricks - A trick for playing slightly behind the beat: With your dominate hand on the hi-hat and other on the snare, play a flam on your backbeats (2 and 4) so that the snare falls slightly behind your hi-hat hand. It works! - Be sure to use a metronome to assist you with staying in time.

3. A lick a day, keeps the doctor away: If you learned just one new drum lick a day, that's 365 new drum licks or drum fills a year! Think about it. - A new approach to drum practice.