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A Review of Album Amnesiac By Radiohead

A Review of Album Amnesiac By Radiohead

Amnesiac is Radiohead's fifth studio album that was released on June 5, 2001. In this album, they had explored or produced the various aspects and dimensions of politics, society, concepts, beginning with hope and end of life or fear.

Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

This song marks a perfect beginning of this album. The song uses percussion sounds only, along with the unique quality of electronic effect that Radiohead perfectly delivers. When listening to this song, you sense the attitude of a man who, if has nothing but trouble in life, definitely has the will power to overcome anything in his path. A very “reasonable man”.

Pyramid Song

This is the most beautiful song on this album. An after-death experience, or shall I say, revelation? At times, isn’t this what we want in our lives all the time? “Nothing to fear and nothing to doubt”? This song gives a soothing image of falling into a sea at an extremely slow and smooth pace. Or in the literal sense, as you close your eyes while listening to this song, each of your unbalanced emotion and the excited state of mind balances and soothes down, and is guarded by a static and neutral force of your consciousness.

Pull Pulk Revolving Doors

This song is all about the 'Doors in Life' in a very computerized voice. A pure electronic composition. Aren’t you feeling curious about what is on the other side of those doors? But I am sure this voice reciting the emotional lyrics of the song is much wiser than we are. Or perhaps, that voice is the one that has created the whole perception about the doors.

You And Whose Army?

The one song that makes you challenge the social norms and the whole world. Come, what may! Strangely, you put the problem in such a peaceful manner because it is not the violence that you are wishing for, but peace, and you know you have already won. Because you got speed, and your mind is free.

I Might Be Wrong

If you mix up your new ray of hope that you are experiencing after a complete failure, this song can charge you up. With an electronic style, Radiohead revitalizes you with this new immensity you are feeling. You’ll probably get this song.

Knives Out

Face the truth, because the worst is still not over! And if something is gone forever, erase it from your mind, instead of waiting and eating yourself up in vain hope.

Morning Bell

Remember the same song in Kid A? Of course! If you want to know what would happen if you give more potency to already such a powerful song, listen to this one. But I believe that the percussion has given an amazing effect in Kid A. However, this one sounds a little more melodic and imploring.

Dollars & Cents

There are two entities in the world that one can never beat. Power and money. This song is all about the warning that power and money give to those who are devoid of it. And their rules threaten you to hush your questions and work for your rebellion. Radiohead explores all the different shades of society and various dimensions of our reality being affected by alterations in our consciousness.

Hunting Bears

For me, this music stretches the very layer of my consciousness that it penetrates, thus widening it and creating enough space for the things to unmuddle themselves.