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5 Most Loved 'One-Hit' Wonders - Weekend Playlist

5 Most Loved 'One-Hit' Wonders - Weekend Playlist

It is always hard to replicate the success. Few managed to pull it off by putting in the extra work, whereas, some just satisfied with their attempt and never bothered to do something extra. That's the fate of some of the 'One-hit Wonders' who managed to ruled the hearts of millions and billboards for once only to find out they're resting their career stricken to only local pubs and bars. 

Here is the list of 5 most loved 'One-Hit' Wonders that people still do able to listen. 

1. Chumbawamba - 'Tubthumping'
Chumbawamba are a perfect example of how a band's lone hit doesn't always paint a complete picture of the group's sound. In 1997 they released "Tubthumping," which is basically about getting hammered. It blew up all over the world, and people went crazy when the songs come in on the radio. It is a riot.

2. A-ha - 'Take On Me'
Tell anybody in Europe that A-ha are one-hit wonders and they'll look at you like you're crazy. In their native Norway, they were massively popular. They even played at the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994. Elsewhere in the world, their 'Take on me' is the only song that hit the strings of the hearts of millions, They failed in their attempt to replicate their success and hence here they lies, in the ashes.

3. Kasabian - 'L.S.F.'
Kids who ended up playing FIFA 2004 knows this song pretty good. It went viral with FIFA's new gameplay. The anthem still holds emotional value for few but what happened to Kasabians as a band? They hardly manage to scratch the Billboard with only L.S.F. is  the only one to making it to the charts.   

4. The Rembrandts - 'I'll Be There For You'
The only time you've heard this song is when you're watching FRIENDS! We've jumped, danced, wept alongside it. The song is the perfect fit with 'Friends' theme. But do you actually know the guy who sang the song or played drums? Nope! Certainly, a one hit wonder who never appeared or seen on the billboard after Friends. To your surprise, the band is still active.

5. Baha Men - 'Who Let The Dogs Out'
One crazy song that can literally shook you up. The Bahamian men have nothing to lose and ended up making a song funny enough for the world to laugh and dance alongside it. That's the only success they got in their attempt to make music and rest of the tracks, well they're still been eating dust somewhere in the music store.