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Seven Songs To Listen On A Roadtrip Adventure

 Seven Songs To Listen On A Roadtrip Adventure

Lazy, hazy days make for a perfect getaway from city life to a place of uncalled adventure. When you embark on a roadtrip, music is what keeps your spirit alive. Therefore, we help you recommend a few songs which tunes well with your roadtrip adventure. Here are a few songs that you must keep in your playlist to have a great roadtrip experience.

 Holiday - Green Day

The vocals, the upbeat lyrics and definitely the energetic sound of the drums along with the tunes of the guitar get you grooving.


Hooray Hooray – Boney M

 For those, who love flipping back to the good old days of retro music, this song is good to go on your playlist; the energetic vocals of the band will give you the happy high feeling.

Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder

Driving past the street, you begin to introspect on the meaning of life and society.

Travelin’ On – Norah Jones

Flipping from high energetic beat to a slow, subtle & rhythmic tone – Norah Jones’s vocals provoke the listener to reflect upon the other side of life which is gloomy yet beautiful in its own way. 

Deftones – Minerva

The song begins with high energetic drum beats and then the vocals of the song give you goose bumps.

Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

The song gives you the feeling that you are freebie, a nomad, not giving a damn about the society.

When the Music’s over – the Doors

If you listen to this song on a repeated mode, chances are you will keep falling in love with this track.