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Indian Metal Bands To Feed Your Aggression

 Indian Metal Bands To Feed Your Aggression

For all the metal fans, we curated a list of promising Indian metal bands which can bring out the beast in you. Most of these bands have opened for big international acts worldwide like Lamb of God, Metallica, etc. In fact, in the Indian Metal scene, these bands are solely responsible for moshing out the scene, in a good way of course!

Undying Inc

Undying Inc is a progressive thrash/death metal band. In this band, you find a combination of lethal blend of speed, technique, groove and extreme aggression with intensity. They are famous for fast changes, sharp twists, and comfortable gear shifting in their explosive compositions. With the addition of their new drummer, Nishant Hagjer, this band can give international bands a run for their money. The band has also performed at international gigs like the Norway Oslo Festival in 2012 and supported acts like Meshuggah, Textures, Megadeth (twice!) and Cypher 16. Heavy metal at its best shape!

Bhayank Maut

Bhayanak Maut is a Deathcore/ Death Metal band from Bombay. They are responsible for the largest mosh pits here in India. Their music has an endless combination of groove, metal, hardcore and death metal, taking them a notch higher with every new performance on stage and wowing everyone. Despite the band’s numerous line-up changes, it has managed to put on some epic gigs for over a decade now.


When the band released their first album, Confect, back in 2008, they marketed it by handing out free copies to audiences during their concerts. The hardcore/ experimental/ post-hardcore/ metal band hails from Mumbai and is one of the most technically proficient bands in Indian metal scene. Their music has received many awards from Rolling Stone and other notables. It is only at a Scribe concert that you will see bodies flying and crowd surfing with inflatable rafts. After Vishesh Krishnamoorthy left, Sidharth Basrur (Ex-Goddess Gagged, The Last Remaining Light) and Viraj Saxena (ex-Reverse Polarity, Midhaven) filled in for the vocal duties, delivering sweet melodies with harsh vocal patterns, respectively. 

Demonic Resurrection

Sahil Makhija started Demonic Resurrection 15 years ago, and the band became a pioneer of Indian metal scene. Demonic Ressurection is a blackened/ symphonic death metal band. Growling and shrieked vocals, highly distorted guitar riffs with tremolo picking, blast beats and double bass drumming blends with ambient keyboards and clean vocal passages. This saves them from purist tags and gives them a mixture of black/ death metal and a progressive feel. If you are a fan of bands like Cannibal Corpse or Cradle of Filth, then you will definitely find Demonic Resurrection to be a valuable addition to your death metal playlist.


Not exactly from India their vocalist and drummer are from UK but Skyharbor is the brainchild of Delhi-based musician, Keshav Dhar. Roping along Dan Tompkins (Tesseract), Devesh Dayal and Krishna Jhaveri (Goddess Gagged) and Anup Sastry (Monuments), this band is also one of the pioneers for Djent and Progressive Metal in India. Lack of growls/ harsh vocals and intense melody in their songs stands them apart from their contemporaries. The metal band has been a recipient of numerous awards, including the Rolling Stone Award 2012 - Best Emerging Band, Jack Daniels Awards 2012 - Best Metal Band, and more. Skyharbor’s unpredictable progressions and ambient tone qualities make their songs feel like a journey in a dream. For now, Skyharbor has two albums under its hood.


The heavy metal band from Bangalore has been one of the most strong bands to have arisen from the Indian music scene. With musical riffs and heavy/intricate progressions, Kryptos brings back the good old days of “New Wave of British Heavy Metal”. Kryptos are the true flag-bearers of Old School metal in India.  It’s not about being fast or brutal or showing off your chops, it’s about great songs, and Kryptos has done exactly that.