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[AES] Shure ULX-D gets 900 MHz version

[AES] Shure ULX-D gets 900 MHz version

Shure stated that its QLX-D Digital Wireless Systems will be available in the 900 MHz ISM frequency band.

Adding to its line of wireless products capable of operating in the 900 MHz band, QLX-D 900 MHz is targeted for use where UHF "TV band" spectrum is limited or congested. QLX-D 900 MHz features parts and accessories optimized for use in regional variations of the 902-928 MHz spectrum, usually known as the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band.

QLX-D is designed to give transparent 24-bit wireless digital audio at events and installations in corporate and government facilities, academic institutions, houses of worship, hotels, music venues, and more. Today’s introduction of QLX-D 900 MHz follows a recent introduction of the Company’s ULX-D 900 MHz systems, further extending the opportunity to experience high-quality digital wireless audio in an alternative band, free of the regulatory issues wireless microphone users currently face, or may eventually face, in the heavily-saturated UHF TV band.

In the U.S., pricing for QLX-D 900 MHz systems starts at $973, and it can support up to 12 compatible channels per frequency band.